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Maayan Shira Hdar is a prolific Israeli painter.
She pursued her fine arts education at the Midrasha School of Art. Presently, Maayan boasts a diverse collection comprising around a hundred captivating paintings and drawings.


I create figurative paintings and drawings, categorized by expressive realism and visual deconstruction. My theme is the human loneliness depicted in contemporary Israeli life scenes and free Bible interpretations.


My process begins with a hunt. I'm constantly after those moments that speak volumes. Sometimes, I play director, sometimes I snap the perfect shot, and almost always distort the image to my needs. Be it oil, pencils, or a mix of all sorts, I juggle, while painting, intentional strokes and accidental spills, planned precision, and delightful surprises. Organized chaos is my one true love! I place, cover, and peel the stains until the painting emerges.

My quest in painting is to emphesize achieve the sublime in simplicity but with a wink. Catching the divine through the lens of everyday moments and sprinkling it with voyeurism and humor. Its mundane scenes turned into little windows for us to peek into and reveal the beauty of our ordinary lives with a smile.

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